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Summarising reading
Running records are currently being done and students are being tested on their reading. I have been finding that many students are great readers, but have trouble summarising the text. Part of the running record process asks students to summarise the text and include the main points of the story, in order. They are graded as excellent, satisfactory or unsatisfactory. Many of our students are receiving satisfactory due to missing crucial information or changing the order of events.
So what can you do at home?
Sheena Cameron, a reading and writing guru, gives an overview of summarising here. When you are reading with your child at home please ask them to summarise what they are reading. You may do this page by page to start with until they understand that the summary needs to occur in order and should only cover the main points. Students can write down or tell their summary, whichev-er they prefer, but it should be done with the book closed. Afterwards give them the book back and have them check if there are important facts that they missed and if what they told you was in order. I look forward to seeing some more EXCELLENT summaries!
Rebecca Bates
Head of Teaching and Learning