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Reading Thoughts

Thank you to all of you that have been reading with your students at home! Believe it or not I can tell which students read and which have not. Their confidence in the classroom and during the PM reading tests increases greatly with reading mileage. Each student, by the end of the term, will have been tested on their reading; as they work towards the goal of Level 30 by the end of Year 3.
Not all students will achieve this goal, so please do not feel disheartened if your student has not. Students will not simply be forgotten if they haven’t reached this goal, we will continue to work with them until we reach level 30. We know we all learn at different speeds and the key to success is mileage.
As well as this, fluency and phrasing are also fundamental to ensuring we are creating good readers.
Try to encourage students to make the words flow together (like a river), creating fluency and to use punctuation to deter-mine where to pause, how to express the text and how to read it as intended by the author.
Teachers and Teacher Aides are working hard in classrooms to ensure students are ready to move to a new level in their reading, but, we cannot do it without your help!
Keep up the amazing work with home readers!
Also get your younger students in Prep-Year 2 to show you their Reading Eggs account.
Reading Eggs is a fun interactive program aimed at helping children to read and learn fundamentals like sight words. Their teacher can set their level and activities for them to complete during school time and at home on either an IPAD or PC. Please feel free to ask your students teacher for their login and password so they can continue their learning journey at home.
Please visit: