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Everyday Counts

Please contact the school if your child is ill and cannot attend school. This is recorded electronically to ensure the safety our children (they may have decided to hang out at the shop instead). If you need to attend to a significant event and your children need to go with you, and it will longer than 10 days, then you must make an appointment to apply for an exemption.
What is an exemption and why do I need it?
Every parent of a child of compulsory school age has a legal obligation to ensure their child is enrolled and attending school or participating in an eligible option. Parents can apply for an exemption from this obligation when their child cannot attend or participate in an eligible option for a period of more than 10 consecutive school days. Situations where an application for an exemption may be made include:
Family reasons
Cultural or religious reasons
If your child is exempted from compulsory schooling, you are excused from your obligation in relation to compulsory schooling or compulsory participation. The school is not responsible for providing an educational program to your child, however they may provide advice on other educational options available.
Who decides to grant or not grant an exemption?
Decisions about exemptions are made by the Principal of the school the student attends.
Applying for an exemption
You are encouraged to discuss with the school whether an application for exemption is a suitable option. The school can provide you with an application form for an exemption. It is important that supporting documentation and evidence are attached to the application.
When a decision about the exemption has been made, you will be informed in writing whether or not the exemption has been granted and if any conditions have been imposed. If you are not satisfied with the decision made, you can make a submission for the decision to be reviewed.